Welcome to the Thames Valley Police Federation

Thames Valley Police Federation, as part of the Police Federation of England and Wales, is the representative body of police officers below the rank of Superintendent.

Established by the Police Act of 1919, the Police Federation was introduced to provide officers with a platform to bring their views on welfare and efficiency to the notice of the government and police authorities.

We can also:

  • Provide free legal advice, assistance and costs to members facing criminal proceedings brought against them for an offence committed in or founded upon something done in the performance or purported performance of police duties
  • Provide welfare advice and help on personal issues
  • Provide advice and representation at disciplinary hearings
  • Provide advice and representation at industrial tribunals
  • Help with civil claims and industrial claims injuries
  • Consult, negotiate and facilitate the most up to date health and safety elements for the job
  • Assist with grievance procedures
  • Contribute to professional reviews on policing
  • Offer advice to anyone suffering sexual, racial or other discriminatory harassment
  • Speak for and on behalf of rank and file officers in the media and with opinion formers
  • Represent our members views at a number of seminars, meetings and round table discussions with stakeholders