Additional Critical Illness Cover

Additional Critical Illness Cover

Members of the Group Insurance Scheme can apply for Additional Critical Illness cover. This cover is subject to additional medical underwriting, and acceptance therefore cannot be guaranteed.

This cover is not available to Partners, and cannot be carried into retirement.

Additional Available Cover – Serving Members

Critical Illness


£1.40 per month

Critical Illness


£2.80 per month

Critical Illness


£4.20 per month



Only full Members of the Federation Group Insurance Scheme may apply for this top up cover.

Acceptance will be subject to approval by both the Trustees to the Scheme, and the Insurers and the completion of a medical questionnaire will be required.

Cessation of Cover

Any Member may withdraw from the Scheme at any time without penalty, but any re-application to the Scheme will be subject to full medical underwriting and approval by the Trustees.

Membership of the scheme will cease when the individual attains the age of 65, irrespective of whether they continue to be employed within their role.

Membership of the scheme and all benefits will cease upon the Member leaving the Force for any reason.

Membership of the scheme and all benefits will cease if the Member’s payments stop for any reason.

Membership of the scheme and all benefits will cease if the Trustees deem that an individual Member has brought the integrity of the Scheme or the Federation into disrepute.

When a Member reaches the upper age limit for the scheme, it is the responsibility of the Member to inform the Federation, and ensure that the subscriptions are ceased. There will be no cover applicable after the upper age limit and any claims will not be paid. There will be a maximum of 12 months’ worth of subscriptions refunded to those Members who continue to make subscription payments after the upper age limit.

How to apply for Additional Critical Illness Cover - serving members only

For All Applications

Sign and date all forms at the bottom.

Send all completed forms to the Federation Office at: 

76 Wellington Street



 OX9 3BN

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