ARC – What is it?

Achieing Paypoint 4 for Constables


ARC is an assessment which confirms that you are a fully competent officer who can be deployed into any relevant operational role, both in force or, if needed, to other parts of England and Wales. Successfully completing the ARC assessment also gives you access to pay point 4.

 The default in Force will be that Officers get their PP4 increment on the due date unless there are formal performance issues already identified.

 This assessment is not a repeat assessment of your original initial learning units but a new assessment of competence to demonstrate that you are able to manage your role and responsibilities and that you are competent to move to the next pay point.

A constable must first gain a satisfactory grade (or better) in their PDR in order to undertake the ARC assessment. This is required to ensure that police constables are effective in their role and that their pay progression is linked to their performance as opposed to an annual entitlement. The ARC assessment applies at the end of pay point three and is supplementary to the PDR grading. Pay progression can only be held if the officer is in UPP.

The main purpose of the Assessment and Recognition of Competence (ARC) process is to ensure that police officers retain and maintain the knowledge, skills and behaviours of their core role. The foundation level ARC process is initially applied to constables who are approaching the end of pay point three. An ARC assessment is required to enable them to progress to pay point four of their pay scale.



The following 3 documents from the College of Policing help explain the process:

1. Overarching Guidance

2. Candidate Guidance

3. Line Manager Guidance


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