Benevolent Fund

Thames Valley Police Benevolent Fund encompasses three charities; The Gurney Fund, Flint House Police Rehabilitation Center and the Thames Valley Police Benevolent Fund. Subscription is a total of £12.29 per month (as of Sep 16). You must be a member of all 3 sections.

The Fund is administered by a committee chaired by the Deputy Chief Constable and consisting of staff associations, welfare, pensioners' representatives and two representatives from each BCU.

Thames Valley Police Benevolent Fund - JOIN HEREThe fund is financed by subscriptions from members and donations from a wide variety of sources. The fund distributes monies on application to the committee to both serving and retired officers, who are subscribing members, who find themselves in dire financial hardship and in need of assistance.

The Fund is the responsibility of the Force, not TVP Federation.

If you wish to make an application for funds you need to complete an application form available on this site. Please complete the form HERE and send to the Welfare Dept., Headquarters South, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 2NX. (tel: internal 700 6931 / external 01865 846931).


You will need to provide detailed description of what it is you are requesting and provide as much supporting documentation as you can.


Flint House Police Rehabilitation Centre

Details of Flint House can be found HERE

How to Join the Thames Valley Police Benevolent Fund

Police Officers are invited to subscribe to Thames Valley Police Benevolent Fund upon joining or transferring to Thames Valley Police.

Serving Police Officers who wish to subscribe to the fund after their initial joining course can receive treatment for new injuries but will not be eligible to be treated for pre-existing conditions. 

An application form can be obtained HERE or  from the Force intranet by clicking into http://knowzone/int-sp-pay-charity-ben-fund 


The form is available to print off with full instructions.

The Gurney Fund

The Fund exists to provide support relating to education and development for the children of police officers, from subscribing forces, where a parent has died or retired on ill health grounds.

The Provincial Police Orphanage founded by Miss Gurney in Hove, Sussex, in 1890 as a branch of the practical work of the International Christian Police Association was the first attempt outside the Police Service to assist orphans and fatherless children of the Police. It was a small beginning. With the help of local churches, the Home provided board, lodgings and what education it could, for as many of the eligible children in the large area served - the South, South Midlands and Wales - as could be accommodated in a ten roomed house. Most of the cost of upkeep was provided by friends of Miss Gurney.

Within ten years they were able to buy a larger house, with accommodation for about 30 children, Gatton Park, Redhill, Surrey and a few years later The Woodlands, Redhill, an estate of some 18 acres. Catherine Gurney, O.B.E. died on 11th August 1930.

The Orphanage closed in 1947 and, with the changing social climate, the GURNEY FUND FOR POLICE ORPHANS was established. This enabled weekly allowances to be paid to mothers to ensure that the children remained in their own homes.

The Fund may also cover the children of a member of a subscribing Police Force who has retired on ill-health pension and in the opinion of the Trustees is substantially incapacitated from earning any living. Children of Special Constables are also eligible.

Gurney Fund website click HERE

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