Complaints Procedure

Group Insurance Scheme - Complaints Procedure 

The Federation Group Insurance Scheme is arranged on behalf of the Trustees by Philip Williams & Company who are authorised and regulated by the Financial conduct Authority (Registration Number 308860). The Trustees are responsible for organising the policies and dealing with the Insurance Broker. Any complaints about any aspect of the scheme should in the first instance be directed to the Federation Office. The Insurance Broker will then be asked to investigate the complaint and resolve any matter either via the Federation Office, directly with the Member, or through the appropriate underwriting organisation. Please contact the Federation Office by telephone 01844 261 811 or write giving details of your complaint to: Thames Valley Police Federation, 76 Wellington Street, Thame, OX9 3BN. 

Should you remain dissatisfied then you may ask the Financial Ombudsman to investigate your complaint. Please contact the Financial Ombudsman Service by telephoning 0300 123 9123 or by downloading the complaint form from:

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