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Are you curently not at work long term but would still like to vote? If you do not have access to your pnn account please contact Clive Benson, General Secretary

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Case study - TVP Rep Insp John McDonald

The triennial elections for all Reps in TVP will take place in 2018. This year will involve new processes as the national Fed changes.


Provisional Election Timetable (subject to change)


1-17 February  

Council nominations open

1-21 March

Branch Council voting open

28 March

Branch Council election results

3-11 April

Branch Board nominations open

15-23 April

April Branch Board voting open

27 April

Branch Board election results

1-11 May

Branch Chair nominations open

14-30 May

Branch Chair voting open

31 May

Branch Chair election results

What will the new process be like?


Please read the Guide to Triennial Elections.

The new process will provide a new rank-less structure, there will be no more separate rank committees at local or national level. The number of officials on the National Board will be reduced from 30 to 24. The National Board along with the National Council (which is made up of local Federation Chairs and Secretaries and other individuals from protected characteristics groups ) will be the key decision making bodies for the organisation. The new process allows members to vote for local chairs as well as the national chair via a new electronic voting system which will be facilitated by the members' database. The new structure will mean that TVP Fed has a total of 28 Reps looking after around 4,000 officers.

The current triennial period was been extended by the Home Office until the new Regulations came into Force on 31st Dec 17 and the new voting process can take effect. In the meantime, if you are thinking of standing to be a Federation representative and would like to know more about what the role entails, please look at the Fed Rep Role Description or contact the Thame office, HERE

Please be advised, the delay in the election process will not affect the service provided to members who will continue to be served by their current reps until the new ones are elected.

Current process

·         Members vote for workplace reps 

·         Workplace Fed reps vote for Joint Branch Board reps

·         JBB reps vote in local their Chair and Secretary

·         The Chair and Secretary sit on Interim National Council 

·         The regional rank committees vote for their Interim National Board reps

·         Interim National Board members vote on Principal Officer roles (incl Chair and Gen Sec).

The new process we are working to (still awaiting confirmation in the regulations, following Home Office approval)

·         Members vote for workplace reps 

·         The branch council vote for the Branch Board members

·         Members elect the local chair

·         The branch board elects the Secretary (subject to change, pending Home Office approval)

·         Branch board Chair and Secretary make up the National Council

·         National Council votes to elect the National Board

·         Members vote to elect the National Chair

·         National Council vote to elect the General Secretary (subject to change, pending Home Office approval)

·         National Board vote in remaining Principal Officers 





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