Chief on SE Allowance

Statement from Thames Valley Police, on behalf of the Chief Constable, following the publication of the Police Remuneration Review Body report this week

“The Police Remuneration Review Body published its report yesterday which was endorsed by the Home Secretary. One of the recommendations was that the value of the South East Allowance could be increased by up to £1000 in eligible forces. Some might remember that several years ago the south east forces campaigned for greater flexibility around the allowance, particularly when we were having significant recruitment and retention issues.

“Although agreement was reached the changes were never signed off and the Winsor Review rejected the proposals. The latest recommendation therefore enables chief constables, in consultation with PCCs, to set the South East Allowance within a greater range (this has increased from £2000 to £3000 in Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Thames Valley and from £1000 to £2000 in Bedfordshire, Hampshire and Sussex). This is a geographic based allowance and must be supported by local recruitment and retention issues and an assessment of local affordability. This is not therefore an automatic increase so please don’t expect to see an immediate change.

“I welcome the flexibility to set the allowance within a greater range and, when the changes are implemented, will monitor recruitment, retention and cost of living across the force set against budgetary issues. I have already had an early conversation with Graham Smith, Chairman of the TVP Federation, and am meeting with Supts. Ed Mclean and Nora Holford, from TVP Superintendents Association, where we will discuss the recommendation.”

Please see article in ThamesTalk for TVP Chairman's viewMore information on the PRRB available HERE