Police Pay Award - Message from Federation Chairman Craig O'Leary


Yesterday's pay announcement that police officers were to receive a 1% pay increase and a 1% one off non-pensionable bonus is an insult. The Government have spun this as a lifting of the pay cap, with a pay cap busting 2% pay rise which is simply not true.

The Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) recommended a pay increase of 2% to all Police Officers. The Home Secretary had previously said she would respect the recommendations of the PRRB and yet we find the Governemnt has effectively stuck to the 1% cap. The irony of all this is that the Politicians at Westminster did not hesitate to implement the 10% pay rise recommendation by their own independant review body. Is it right that some pay review body recommendations are binding whilst others are not?

Yet again the Government is playing politics with Police Officers Pay and misleading the public with their spin. Police Officers have seen a real terms pay cut of 16% since 2010 and this will be seen by all officers as a real kick in the teeth.

I assure you all that I will strongly represent our members views to the national board at our national meeting next week.