Gp Ins Update

NO PAY – How this affects your membership of the Group Insurance Scheme

If an individual moves to a situation where they are not receiving pay from Thames Valley Police, for any reason (including unpaid maternity, career break, unpaid leave, etc), then if they have not made alternative arrangements in advance to ensure that their GIS payments are made on time, they will be deemed to have left the scheme, and cover will cease. The individual will be able to re-apply to join the scheme, but this will be subject to medical underwriting, and acceptance cannot be guaranteed. The rationale is that the individual has taken an action which would render them liable to receiving no pay. It is therefore a personal responsibility to ensure that any payments that should have been made by salary deduction are covered by other means. 

Please contact the office on 01844 261 811 for details. 

Where individuals have made alternative arrangements and have kept their payments up to date, they will be able to immediately go back to having payroll deductions for the Group Insurance Scheme.