Op Model Survey Results

TVP Federation Operating Model Survey 2017



Thames Valley Police (TVP) introduced a new Operating Model (OM) on the 1st June 2017. Since then the Force has established a Gold Group to look at the change in demand since the introduction of the model which Thames Valley Police Federation (TVP Fed) have sat on. On the 5th July 2017, TVP Fed raised the issue of officer well being linked to the OM directly with the Chief Constable at JNCC. During this meeting we discussed the considerable feedback received from officers since the start of the OM.

After a full month in operation TVP Fed then surveyed its members directly. Its aim was to establish how the OM was impacting on individuals and how they perceived it was affecting their work.


Survey Monkey was used to conduct the survey and a link was sent out by local Federation representatives to federated members only. No access to all user emails or the Force’s intranet was requested. The link was not available on open source sites so as to restrict the survey as much as was practicable to federated police officers only.

The survey ran from the 8th August to 21st August 2017. In total, 1,172 responses were received. This represents a response rate of 28.9% based on an actual number of 4040 as of 1/8/17.

By way of comparison the last Force Staff Survey which was widely publicised by social media, all user email and high visibility on the intranet reached an officer response rate of only 19%.

Key Points for Discussion

·       29% response rate

·       74% state they have experienced a rise in personal stress levels since the start of the OM

·       76% say work/life balance worse

·       65% state workloads higher

·       65% more likely to leave TVP

·       85% state OM has not meant an improvement in service to our communities

·       66% state mental/emotional  health only Fair or Poor


While TVP accepts that there are limitations to a survey of this type, the statistically significant response rate emphasises the importance that our members have attached to expressing their views. It is hoped that the results can assist the Force in better understanding how the introduction of the OM since 1st June 17 has impacted on officers professional and personal lives. TVP Fed remains committed to working with the Force and helping them support the communities of the Thames Valley, while acknowledging the considerable impact of the OM on the federated ranks.

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