Gp Ins Changes Sep 17

From 1st September 2017 there will be a number of changes to the Federation Group Insurance Scheme. 

The new costs for membership of the scheme will be as follows: 

Serving Member                                                                              £25.81

Co-habiting Partner of Serving Member                                              £5.85

Retired Member Aged under 65                                                               £30.54

Retired Member aged 65-69                                                       £23.64

Co-habiting partner of Retired Member                                                £8.00 

Critical illness Top Up of £5,000                                                  £1.40

Critical illness Top Up of £10,000                                                £2.80    

Critical illness Top Up of £15,000                                                £4.20    

Life Cover Top Up of £25,000                                                      £2.70

Life Cover Top Up of £50,000                                                      £5.40

Life Cover Top Up of £75,000                                                      £8.10


There have been some changes to the cover provided by the scheme.

·         The addition of Campervan cover under the Motor Breakdown Policy.

·         The addition of cover under the Legal Expenses Policy to provide cover to appeal a decision in relation to an ill-Health Retirement or an Injury Award under the Pension Regulations. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind members who have the additional partner cover, that this cover is for your partner at the time the cover was taken out. If you have changed partner, please contact the Federation office on 01844 261811. 

We would also like to encourage members to update their beneficiary nominations. Who would you like to receive the insurance payment in the event of your death. The forms can be found on the Federation website, 


For serving members cover ends on your 65th birthday. Retired members can continue to receive cover until their 70th birthday.