Revised SRP

The Supportive Recovery Plan (SRP) was implemented in 2014 and has now been revised with the full support of the Police Federation and UNISON.

The SRP is a tool for managers to support their members of staff in returning to work, remaining at work, improving their attendance in line with force standards and supporting members of staff who are suffering from physical and/or mental issues which could impact on their well-being and lead to sickness absence.  

There are some changes to the SRP electronic form itself but in addition, some guidance has been put together to help and support managers in setting effective SRPs for their members of staff.

To ensure that all managers, experienced or not, are aware of and understand the changes and the guidance, a training module called ‘SRP Training’ has been created in Moodle. * 

Chief Constable Francis Habgood has agreed for this training to be mandatory for all line managers across the Force. Line Managers must undertake this training by 3rd October 2017 and create a CPD in their PDR to reflect on their learning.

Some information  * has also been written for Police Staff and Officers to help them better understand their managers’ responsibilities and what is expected of them when setting an SRP.   

Please note that there is now a Supportive Recovery Plan (SRP) page on the Staff Portal * and on the Managers’ Portal * for helpful information and guidance. 

*Links only work on TVP system