Retirement Seminar

Joint Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) and National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) Police Retirement Seminar Invite 

TVP Fed invite you to the joint PFEW and NARPO Police Retirement Seminar. The joint seminar will be held at the Union Jack Club in Central London, which is directly across from Waterloo train and underground stations and be presented by Police Money Matters (PMM). 

The inaugural PFEW/NARPO joint Retirement Seminar will be held on 29th November 2018, and will run from approximately 10am to 2pm, with tea, coffee and a complimentary buffet lunch being provided during that time. There is no charge for the seminar. 


This seminar is not in duty time. Annual Leave, TOIL or rest days required to attend. TVP Fed run our own retirment courses each year which are attended in duty time - details HERE


PMM runs around 150 Police Retirement Seminars for local Police Federations throughout the UK, with topics including:-


  • The real effect of inflation on the pension index
  • Life expectancy in retirement
  • Risks associated with investing
  • Maintaining lifestyle over the short, medium and long term
  • Cost of living versus standard of living

 For PFEW members the inaugural seminar is open to anyone with up to 3 years’ service remaining or 30 years already completed, and for NARPO members for anyone who has retired from the Police Service in the last five years.  Please book your attendance via the following link:-


PMM’s aim is to enable you to maintain your lifestyle throughout your retirement, up to state pension age and beyond.