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If you are on No Pay, you still have the right to take your annual leave but this does have implications. Please read the following and if unsure contact the Thame Office:


It was identified that currently there is a problem in recording if an officer takes Annual Leave while they are off sick. As their record is usually updated by their line manager on Peoplesoft, there is no direct link to Payroll. If they go on leave Peoplesoft closes their sickness record, and then when the leave comes to an end, a new period of sickness begins. This does then cause an issue with payroll, and the individual can continue to receive full pay for an extended period, after their leave has ended. As this additional pay is an error, it is then re-claimed from the individual.


There is also an impact on those officers who are claiming sick pay benefit from the Group Insurance Scheme, or Employment Support Allowance, as if the officers go back to full pay, then legally they have a responsibility to cancel those allowances, and they would have to re-apply when they return to being sick.


The solution that has been agreed is that when an officer is to be reduced to half or no pay, the letter that they currently receive is to be amended to reflect a new position. When line managers receive the email with the instructions to serve the letter, that email will also be updated with the new process.


The letter will advise officers that if they are receiving sick pay benefit from Philip Williams, then they will have to inform Phillip Williams of their temporary return to full pay, and they will not be entitled to any benefit from Philip Williams.


The letter will inform officers that if they wish they have the option of taking leave while they are off sick returning to full pay for the period of their leave, and then returning to the relevant position of reduced pay at the end of the leave period.


Officers will be informed that if they wish to apply for leave, then they must inform both their line manager and their case worker. The case worker can then do  a pay variance for payroll. 


The agreed process is that their sickness will not be closed off on Peoplesoft, but DMS will  be updated to reflect that they are on leave.


Duties will need to be aware that if an officer who is off on long term sickness requests a period of leave, then this will need to be recorded on DMS. The leave cannot then be reclaimed by the officer when they submit their sick note (a practice which would otherwise automatically be triggered).


The pay for the period of leave will be shown on the payslip as a separate adjustment to full pay.

All of this has been reviewed and checked by the Force legal team, with a go live of the  1st April 2016 


An agreement has still to be reached with Philip Williams on how we can make this work. Their current policy is that if the officer returns to full pay, then their sickness payments are cancelled, and they would have to make a complete new application when they end their leave. The same will apply for Employment Support Allowance.


It is hoped that because the new payment will show as a separate amount on the payslip, we can get Philip Williams to agree to a suspension of payments, with no need to re-apply.

The reality is that if an officer is already receiving a Philip Williams payment and ERS, then it may not be in their interest to apply for annual leave whilst they are off sick. 

Note to Reps: Care should be taken when discussing the use of this ruling with members as legally we cannot advise officers either way, as this would constitute financial advice.





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