Pay Review Body

Police pay is now determined through the Police Renumeration Review Body which has replaced the Police Negotiating Board(PNB).

Evidence based submissions will be provided to the PRRB by all sides (including PFEW & the Home Office) for them to decide the following year's pay arrangements. This is a paper based exercise with no face to face negotiations.


2018 Home Secretary Remit letter to PRRB

The Home Secretary has written to the PRRB outlining the government's requirements for next year's pay deal which indicates the possible changes that can be expected. Letter available HERE

The 2018 PRRB submission by PFEW and the Supers Associations asks for 3.4% plus consolidation of last year's 1% rise. We have provided detailed evidence as to why we are asking for an uplift of 3.4%, (in line with projected RPI inflation), and for last year’s unconsolidated element to be consolidated now. We have also set out our concerns regarding the level that the NPCC has very recently notified us that it intends to suggest for apprentice pay.

The submission is available HERE




We have also outlined our disappointment regarding the position of the NPCC. These go beyond the scope of the remit letter. 


2017 Pay Decision

1% pensionable pay rise and 1% non pensionable bonus. An executive summary and full report are available opposite.

The following statement was made by PFEW on the day of the annonucemnet:

12 September 2017

Despite some gains for officers in England and Wales, today’s headline announcement of a 2% pay award will leave many angry and deflated, Steve White, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said.

“Police officers do not join the service to make huge amounts of money; they do it out of a sense of duty and this year in particular have been tested to the max. However, they expect to be paid suitably for the immensely demanding role they perform and this simply is not the case.”

The 2% award is a 1% pensionable pay rise across the board, plus 1% as an additional amount of money this year, non-pensionable.

“We asked for 2.8% and provided compelling evidence to support this, which on first review appears to be reflected in the recommendations made by the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) – the body which makes recommendations on police pay – to the Government. We were not greedy in what we asked for. Officers have been taking home about 15% less than they were seven years ago.  While it is a step in the right direction, the Government should have done this sooner but we don’t feel that non-consolidated pay awards are the way forward.”

The PFEW will now be looking closely at the details in the PRRB report and will provide a further update as to what other recommendations have been made as soon as possible.

Home Secretary's Letter HERE








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