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Flint House

Flint House Rehabilitation Centre

Goring on Thames



The Police Rehabilitation Centre, a registered charity, was established in Hove, Sussex, in 1890 to provide rest and convalescence to injured police officers. The Rehabilitation Centre is funded almost entirely by the officers themselves, receiving no grants from local or central government.

Flint House is situated in the Chiltern Hills near Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. The Centre, staffed by a dedicated team treats both serving and retired officers living and working within the areas covered by the southern police forces. At Flint House they receive physiotherapy, general nursing, plus specialist treatments such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, rest and recuperation following either an illness or injury.

To join Flint House Scheme, Police Officers must be members of Thames Valley Police Benevolent Fund. For more details click this link.

To access Flint House please:

Visit the Flint House admission site HERE and download the relevant form, either Psychological or Physiotherapy. 

1. Get the form signed by your GP.

2. Print off 3 payslips from Payview; 1 from the preceeding month, one from 13 months ago and at least one other in betweeen those dates to demonstrate that you have been paying into the scheme for at least 12 months. 

3. Send completed form & payslips to Force Welfare Department, Eden Court, Lyne Road, Kidlington.

Only this form will be acceptable by Flint House.

Please use an A5 envelope with 1st class stamp when posting application. Folding and using an A4 envelope will normally require increased postage due to thickness of the envelope. This could delay applications. If in doubt consult with Post Office. 


Please remember that if you go to no pay (12 months absence) your automatic payroll payments will stop and you will need to make regular payment by personal cheque to maintain your membership to Flint House - contact the office for details.

Please click HERE for a series of promotional videos produced by the Federation.

Also Welcome to Flint House video 


Flint House 01491 874499