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Group Insurance Scheme – Police Officer






Federation Group Insurance Scheme – Summary of Cover




Serving Police Officers

Life Assurance


Terminal Illness Advance

20% advance

Critical Illness


Sickness after 26 weeks

20% gross salary

See below for conditions

Sickness after 52 weeks

20% gross salary

See below for conditions

Child Death


Child Critical Illness


Court Award Compensation

Up to £250, if as a result of an on-duty assault compensation, you have been awarded by a Court, has not been paid within 6 months.

Worldwide Travel

Full independent travel cover for member, partner and children.

Legal Expenses

Cover for member, partner and children.

This provides you with legal cover for criminal and civil cases, where cover is not provided by other means, and there is a realistic chance of success (as determined by the Federation’s solicitors).

Cover for ill-health retirement and injury award appeals.

Additional saving on other policies such as home or vehicle can be made, as the legal option is no longer required on those polices. This could save you up to £50 per year.

Red Arc

Full family cover Included

This provides you with confidential, practical and emotional support for the whole family following bereavement or diagnoses of serious illness.

European Motor Breakdown

Cover for member and partner.

Cover for any car or motorcycle in the UK.

Cover for cars and motorcycles up to 10 years old in Europe.

Roadside assistance.

Relay recovery.

Home start.

Trailer, campervan and caravan cover.

Recovery after an accident.

Running out of fuel.


Loss of keys.

Mobile Phone

Cover for member and a partner.

Cover is for phones up to 8 years old and is for theft, accidental loss, and accidental damage. Phones are covered in the UK and for trips of up to 31 days worldwide.

If your phone cannot be repaired it will be replaced with a reconditioned model of the same type.

Accidental Injury


Hospitalisation after an accident


£50 per night – max 30 nights

Permanent Total Disablement




Temporary Total Disablement

10% basic salary for up to 26 weeks

See below for conditions

Loss of Both Limbs; or of Sight in Both Eyes; or of Hearing in Both Ears


Loss of 1 Limb; or Loss of Sight in Both Eyes


Loss of Hearing in 1 Ear


Loss of Speech


Occupationally Acquired HIV (Police Duties)


Damage to Teeth


Limitations on Age

Cover is available until a members 65th birthday.

The elements of cover which include a partner are only available for partners up to their 65th birthday.

Monthly Premium

£25.81 per month














Police Officers who are employed by Thames Valley Police and are subscribing members of the Thames Valley Police Federation may apply to join the Scheme. Acceptance will be subject to approval by both the Trustees to the Scheme, and the Insurers and the completion of a medical questionnaire will be required.


For new recruits joining during the Recruits presentation by the Federation, there will be no requirement for the completion a medical questionnaire. A period of cover at no cost may also be offered.


For officers transferring to Thames Valley Police there will be no requirement for the completion a medical questionnaire, providing documentary proof of membership of a similar scheme in a previous Force is provided, and that cover was current within the last 3 months.


Serving Members of the scheme may apply for their partners to join the Cohabiting Partner Group Insurance Scheme. Partners must be living at the same address as the Member, and both parties must be married or in a civil partnership with each other, or are both free to marry or form a civil partnership. More details are available on the Partner cover page of this section.


Officers with less than 5 years to serve, prior to retirement, are not eligible to apply for membership to the scheme.


It is the named individual who is insured and the cover is not transferable.




Maximum Liability


All salary related benefits are capped at the rate of a top rate Chief Inspector.




Sickness Cover


The sickness cover begins when the individual can demonstrate that they have been sick and off work for a minimum of 26 weeks during the previous 12 months, and that they have had their pay cut as a result of the sickness. The payment is paid monthly, but will cease after 2 years from the date of the officer going sick, or upon retirement or resignation, or loss of employment for any reason.




Cessation of Cover


Upon retirement the member will have a once only opportunity to transfer to the Federation Retired Group Insurance Scheme. The retired scheme is available until the Member’s 70th birthday.


Any Member may withdraw from the Scheme at any time without penalty, but any re-application to the Scheme will be subject to full medical underwriting and approval by the Trustees.


Membership of the scheme will cease when the individual attains the age of 65, irrespective of whether they continue to be employed within their role.


Membership of the scheme and all benefits will cease upon the Member leaving the Force for any reason.


Membership of the scheme and all benefits will cease if the Member’s payments stop for any reason.


Membership of the scheme and all benefits will cease if the Trustees deem that an individual Member has brought the integrity of the Scheme or the Federation into disrepute.


Partner Membership of the scheme and all benefits will cease upon the death of the Member, or the Members withdrawal from the scheme.


When a Member or Partner reaches the upper age limit for the scheme, it is the responsibility of the Member to inform the Federation, and ensure that the subscriptions are ceased. There will be no cover applicable after the upper age limit and any claims will not be paid. There will be a maximum of 12 months’ worth of subscriptions refunded to those Members who continue to make subscription payments after the upper age limit.


Members of the Scheme are required to inform the insurers, via the Federation, of any change in circumstances which could affect this policy. Failure to do so could result in the invalidation of your policy and claims being rejected.






For individuals new to Thames Valley Police, please contact the Federation office as there may be an introductory offer available to you.




For All Applications Click HERE  




Send all completed forms to the Federation Office at:


76 Wellington Street


















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