The College of Policing will provide further information to forces and officers about the National Police Promotions Framework via the college website HERE

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Further information and background:  

1. Work-based assessments have been trialled by Avon & Somerset Constabulary, Bedfordshire Police, Hertfordshire Constabulary, Merseyside Police, the Metropolitan Police Service, Sussex Police and Thames Valley Police since 2009.

2. The NPPF is a four step process, which comprises:

Step One – Assessment of suitability, having completed probation and assessed as competent at the current rank. 

Step Two – Legal examination (OSPRE Part I)

Step Three – In-force assessment against rank specific competencies and matching to anticipated vacancy numbers to enter the promotion pool

Temporary promotion and at least 12 months work based assessment, which should lead to confirmed promotion.

Candidates successfully completing NPPF are also awarded a Police First Line Management Level 4 Certificate (for sergeants) or a Police Management Level 5 Certificate (for inspectors).

3. There are FAQ’s for officers about the process (see attached), and further guidelines online for forces preparing for early adoption of the process. These can be found at HERE




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