The following have been elected to represent members. Theses 23 officers will represent the 3 counties.

Where Reps are elected due to there being no more nominations than posts, these will be published prior to 22nd March* In Oxon for example all five nominations have been elected as there are only 5 avialable consitiuency posts. 

All reps will take up their posts with effect 1st April 18





Ins John McDonald*

Insp Pete Foy*

Insp Chris Simpson*

Insp Simon Briggs*

Insp James Turner*

Sgt Andy Fiddler*#

Sgt Wil Morris

Sgt Susan Herbert

PC Duncan Wooloff*

Sgt Adrian Tobin

Sgt Mike Hamlin

PC Gary Taitt*

DC Alex Beever

PC Jon Brett

PC Jacqueline Johnson*

PC Gary Bishop

PC Nic Grima


PC Mark McIntyre

PC Louise Knowles


PC Aileen O’Connor

PC Alan Purkiss


PC Nigel Snell

PC Chris Tindal



The following members of the Council have been elected onto the Branch Board:

Craig O'Leary; Clive Benson; Rob Baker; Jay Williams; Lisa Stanhope;Alex Beever; James Turner; Pete Foy; Adrian Tobin; Andy fiddler; Chris Simpson; Gary Bishop.

The following have been elected to offical posts:

1. Chairman - Craig O'Leary

2. General Secretary - Clive Benson

3. Treasurer/Health & Safety Lead - Andy Fiddler#

4. Equlity Lead - Jay Williams

5. Conduct & Performance Lead - Rob Baker




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