Tax Refund


Officers can claim back tax on their Federations subs and also the flat rate expense allowance. This covered a number of previous allowances (boot allowance) that HMRC rationalised into one.

This should then result in a new tax code.

New tax year ie. 6th April 2018 which will be month 1 payslip should be 1224L.

Personal tax allowance £11,850
Professional subs £259 (membership of Police Federation)
Flat rate expenses £140

Please note tax codes may appear differently to the above due to personal circumstances.

Officers with less than 3 years service should contact  the Federation Office first on 01844 261 811 as different rules apply.

To apply for 1 year or up to 6 years please visit the Gov.Uk site HERE. You may need your P60 or payslip to apply.



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