Welfare Support Programme


Officers involved in death or serious injury incidents that result in post-incident investigations or those who are suspended from duty can now access to the Federation’s Welfare Support Programme (WSP).

This has been created for officers who find themselves having to cope with often life changing situations through the course of their duties. 

What does it include?

Access to a 24/7 support line manned by trained professionals; and a full-time welfare support officer who will work alongside federation representatives to support officers and their immediate families.
The programme will develop over an initial two-year pilot period to include enhanced support with the provision of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), coaching and counselling.


Who can access the WSP?

•    Subscribing members to the Federation who have been involved in a death or serious injury incident at work that results in post incident investigation

•    Officers who are suspended from duty

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How to get help

Contact must be made initially with your local branch board via your Rep or the Thame Office.

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